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Presurgical Evaluations

Advanced Therapy Associated is privileged to partner with outstanding physicians in the area addressing pain management and bariatric needs in innovative ways. Insurance requires an evaluation of psychosocial needs, but Advanced Therapy Associates includes the following to insure positive outcomes.

  • Targeted interventions for identified psychological needs.
  • Pinpoint personal and social assets that may facilitate adjustment to physical limitations or lifestyle changes.
  • Determine whether patients need more communication and support in order to comply with prescribed medical regimens.
  • Structure post-treatment plans and self-care responsibilities in the context of the patient’s social network.
  • Help decrease healthcare costs in clinics and hospitals through reduced assessment time, more efficient triage, and decreased complications after major procedures.

The MBMD inventory is included for all presurgical evaluations and is the industry gold standard for presurgical evaluations. It provides the following for your physician to improve your medical interactions and overall outcomes.

  • A fuller picture of psychosocial factors, so you can identify significant psychiatric problems that could aid or interfere with a chronically ill patient’s course of medical treatment
  • Recommendations to help tailor pre- and post-treatment plans and self-care responsibilities in the context of the patient’s social network
  • A protocol for communicating with psychologists, physicians, nurses, and other professionals to ensure patients have the support they need to comply with prescribed medical regimens

Evaluations occur in the office and typically only require one appointment before written results can be provided.

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