Family Counseling Options

Family counseling services are provided to address issues that impact the family unit. Services are conducted face to face in a private, confidential setting. Services begin with an assessment in order to collect needed background information such as current problem areas, previous attempts to resolve the current problem areas, family dynamic issues or concerns that may need to be addressed during services, a family history of medical or mental health concerns and other information to assist your Practitioner in developing a plan for treatment. Part of every family counseling service delivery is a plan for treatment that is typically developed by the fourth counseling session. The plan for treatment is completed with the family (or sometimes only with the parents when small children will be participating) in order to establish the goals and objectives that the family hopes to achieve throughout counseling. As sessions progress, the plan for treatment can be altered and changed to reflect changes in goals, or to be updated with more current information related to symptoms, concerns, or problems to be addressed. The plan for treatment is constantly changing in relation to a family’s progress, symptoms and speed of recovery.

Family counseling services can occur in several different timed sessions and at different times on different days to afford the family with flexibility for scheduling. Family counseling sessions are unique in that the family and the Practitioner can decide how to structure the participation of the family and the content of each session. For example, some sessions may only include a parent or both parents who represent the family receiving services. Some sessions may include parents and one child, or all children in the family. Service participation structure is decided in the first several sessions based on the presentation of problems, but is fluid and can be altered as families progress through services.

There is no pre-determined length of treatment for families who participate in counseling services. The length of time for treatment, along with the frequency of services is determined by the family, as well as their Practitioner. Discharge from services only occurs upon agreement between the family and Practitioner. Discharge planning is completed in order to secure a plan for success for each family after services have concluded.

To ask Questions, or Schedule an Appointment for Family Counseling, Please Call Our Office

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