The Advanced Therapy Team

Advanced Therapy Associates was originally established in 2008 to create a team approach to behavioral health services for children with their pediatricians. Since 2008, the success of this model has grown into a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds offering the best behavioral health services available to all ages, from preschool to geriatrics. These services can be office based or often performed in the community to best suit the client, maximizing the success rate. Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Nutritionists, Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, Special Education Teachers, Volunteers, and Program Supports Staff all play an intricate role in the daily operation. By encouraging practitioners to dedicate time to charity, many partnerships have been developed within the community. Advanced Therapy Associates also requires research based continuing education to continually foster staff development as a whole. This practice has led to rapid positive development and innovative treatment ideas from new diverse teams. Oklahomans have given feedback on their needs as parents, clients, and friends. We as a center do our best to meet the need of our community by listening to these needs and making evidence based practices available to families.

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