Assessment & Testing Appointments

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Assessment Appointments

Appointment with the child and parent(s) or adult client, lasting approximately two hours

This appointment is a face to face appointment with a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner who is certified to complete ADHD Testing. First, we will review the Informed Consent for ADHD Testing and Treatment.

During this appointment, you and your child will meet with the Practitioner to complete an assessment. The assessment gathers background information regarding medical issues, developmental issues, educational information, history of symptoms and current behavioral problems to be addressed. If there are delicate issues present, there will be an opportunity to meet alone with the Practitioner in order to relay information that may be too sensitive for the child involved.

Note: For adults this appointment is combined with the testing appointment.

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Testing Appointments

Appointment with the child and parent(s) or adult client, lasting approximately one hour to 2 hours

During this appointment all of the forms that you and your child’s teacher or adult observer completed will be reviewed. We will ask follow up questions and may explore more information in certain areas, depending on the answers provided. We will also ask questions about any information that was left out of the assessment or that we need more details about. We can also address any new behaviors or issues that have surfaced since the last appointment that you feel need to be addressed with your child.

Your child or adult client will then complete a continuous performance test to accurately assist in completing the evaluation.

To finish this appointment, we review all of the information collected, answer any questions about the testing process so far, and explain what will happen at the final appointment.

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Testing Services

Explanation of Results

To Schedule Your Visit You May Call Us Directly at (405) 242-5070 

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