Mother With a Baby

Expectant Mothers

Maternal and Infant Health Services are focused on addressing the needs of women who are either currently pregnant or are within the first eight weeks after delivery. The motivation and purpose behind Maternal and Infant Health Services is to promote optimal health for the expectant mother as well as the unborn or new baby.

Any expectant mother or new mother with Sooner Care coverage can request Maternal and Infant Health Services. Services are brief, with only approximately eight sessions provided. The brevity is due to services being focused on addressing the immediate needs of the mother. In the event that further services are necessary, the Practitioner can assist the mother in accessing additional community resources.

Maternal and Infant Health Services are for mothers who would benefit from any of the following services:
  • Crisis intervention
  • Maternity planning
  • Free infant supplies/ Referral for community resources to provide infant supplies
  • Family assistance
  • Location of an OBGYN or Pediatrician for post partum care
  • Infant care planning
  • Short term counseling as related to pregnancy, birth, placement, etc.

Services are scheduled as requested and the initial session typically involves an assessment in order to gage what services each mother would benefit from the most. Services can be flexible and can be provided quickly to address current concerns, or can be spread out over the course of time to address not-so-pressing needs or concerns.

This program was created by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority in order to address current issues or concerns of expectant or new mothers. Practitioners must be credentialed directly with the Oklahoma Health Care Authority in order to provide Maternal and Infant Health Services, and therefore, services can be limited in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area due to the limited number of Practitioners who are credentialed to provide this service. Advanced Therapy Associates currently has one Practitioner who is licensed and credentialed to provide Maternal and Infant Health Services.

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Important Notice:
Our Shawnee location will be officially closing on October 27, 2023. We look forward to continuing providing care to our patients from our Oklahoma City and Tulsa offices.